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Providing professional IT consultancy services, custom software development and solutions for enterprise.

Billing Expertise

MJM Associates Consulting has a unique insight into large scale billing process FTSE100 / Fortune 200 companies.

Grow your customers

Acquire more customers using MJM’s social data acquisition services. Validate leads using data analytics.

Extensive Experience

Over 6 years of experience supporting and designing Zuora solutions for business. We know that billing projects often affect the whole business.

Billing, Payments & Invoices.

Billing Benefit from MJM’s valuable experience in implementing subscription solutions from startups to large enterprises. For medium-size businesses and large enterprises, MJM recommends Zuora, as  a Zuora Certified Solution Architect, founder Mike Martin has 6 years experience  in implementing the Zuora subscription billing platform. Customers don’t have to be Salesforce.com customers in order to benefit from the advantages that the Zuora platform provides.


Invoicing MJM recognizes that the ERP is still king of the business and financial teams want to have a full view of their business’s finances using accounting packages like Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage 200 Online. MJM also has solution designs for companies who want to think about new cloud accounting services like Sage One and Clearbooks. No matter what you want to use for your accounting package, MJM has  the experience and ability to integrate information from your cloud based  Subscription billing solutions (Zuora, Recurly, Chargify etc.) into your accounting  platform.


Payments Learn the value in separation between Subscription, Service Entitlement and Fulfillment. In Zuora this is about product vs provisioning. Companies often think about the Product being a component of the service they wish to provide. MJM encourages business to think just about what their Product actually is. If you’re a software business then often your product is constituted of features or as we refer to it “service entitlement” and “support entitlement”. Think about feature provisioning from that angle, this will aide your business in  fulfillment and delivery.



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We Know Big Data.

Want to bill based on the volumes and results of your Big Data? MJM is about the holistic approach. Often businesses embark on Big Data based approaches in order to mitigate the performance problems found in Relational Databases. If you’re charging per transaction (e.g. click or ad impression) and don’t want to impact your sites when calculating your customers’ bills, MJM has an approach for that.

Got to collect thousands of transactions across the platform in a second? Old relational database table locking a concern? Want to record everything?

Can’t work out how to sort your Big Data collection sets into meaningful, measureable data?

Want to store transactions industry standard NoSQL platforms such as MongoDB? MapReduce process design.

We’ve done that with StatAd. We want to show you how to answer  these questions, demonstrating the value of Big Data.


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MJM is about partnering with associates. We’re not secretive about who we work with, in fact we want you to know so you can see the value that your business  can get with working with MJM Associates Consulting.

You can choose to work with our Associates independently and not work with MJM directly, in fact if you don’t need the whole experience of the group, then that may very well be the best fit for your current business needs. Your business is in control.

Unique value: MJM’s business proposition is that we associate with who we’ve worked with successfully in the past. That doesn’t mean we’re not open to new associates, far from it. It means that we are passionate about working with only the most valuable contracting companies and people. Our reputation is on the line, we protect that at all times. Quality, methodology  driven, serious.

Mike Martin

Mike Martin

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BBS Concept

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